\ Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

 Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

justmild.com.blogspot.comOut of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015): Untuk pecinta olahraga Baseball, kali ini saya akan berbagi sepuah aplikasi game pc, yang paling populer di negara Amerika serikat, dalam game baseball yang saya share ini merupakan game terbaru dan mempunyai fitur yang sangat lengkap, anda bisa memainkan banyak sekali pertandingan dan juga mampu membentuk sebuah team yang kuat sesuai dengan keinginan dan kecocokan pada strategi permainan anda.

Mencari bakat-bakat pemain muda di seluruh dunia, bernegosiasi dengan agen pemain, menjual dan membeli pemain dapat anda perankan di OOTP 16 ini, semua tersaji sangat detail dan jelas, seolah-olah semua ada didepan mata anda dengan sangat realistis.

Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

  • 2015 Opening Day Rosters
  • New International and Independent Leagues Added
  • New Team Owner Goals
  • Improved Team Finances and Reporting
  • Completely Redesigned Manager and Coaches System
  • Recoded Team Strategy System
  • Better Playoff Coverage
  • Improved 3D Ball Flight

OOTP 16 Patch #6, Version 16.6.30, Released!

We have just released the sixth update for OOTP 16, version number 16.6.30. It adds new features, has plenty of AI improvements and fixes reported bugs.

Info for online leagues: The file format changed in this patch, so commishes please make sure everyone of the league uses the same version.

Here are the improvements / fixes compared to version 16.5.23:
- Added dynamically generated hint / loading text based on the currently loaded game
- Emphasized leaders for batting & pitching stats in player screen
- Added pitcher WAR to team register history
- Allow separate overall and potential scales
- If not displaying current ratings, show potential ratings on player lists instead
- Improved game substitution logic
- Improved depth chart logic
- Improved lineup logic
- Added option to use 40-man roster for playoff roster eligibility
- Implemented playoff injury rules (players may be placed on DL in playoffs and replaced, but must miss the next series)
- Removed ability to use the DL in the off-season (players must be activated)
- Added quick accounting widget to finances screen
- Generate HTML game logs by default
- Fixed custom create game crash
- Fixed bug where remove DH would not work in game
- Fixed issue where custom lineup would be placed in wrong spot in 7-day lineup
- Fixed issue where custom lineup would give an incorrect error
- Fixed 1942-1945 league total stats
- Fixed error of double counting draft offers
- Fixed park factor for batter WAR calculations
- Added Batting runs to sortable player lists (park-adjusted, need to delete "\tables" folder in OOTP custom data folder, can be found via Settings dialog -> Troubleshooting -> Open folder containing customizable data")
- Fixed last 10 calculation for rescheduled games
- In Find a Player, added ability to only include "hometown" players, as well as search by award wins
- Fixed issues with 3D ball flight
- Updated Opening Day rosters (need to start new game for changes to apply)
- Fixed several minor bugs + text issues

Final thoughts:

This update wraps up the development of OOTP 16. We may release another maintenance patch later this summer, but in general we're now shifting to OOTP 17 development. No rest for the wicked!

  • OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: min. 1024x768 display
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available spac

Out of the Park Baseball 16 v16.6.30 Update (2015)

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